About Us

Since 1947 Coleman Knitting has been making the the best sweaters, cheer wear and letterman jackets in the industry. It has gained local and national recognition.

Coleman Knitting was voted top 10 in “coolest products” manufactured in Utah and voted #1 in customer service for 2019 by Standard Examiner.

Most homes in Utah can find a Coleman letterman jacket, school sweater, or cheer outfit in their closet. 

The famous Jay Z once found an old Coleman letterman jacket in a thrift store back east. The jacket was In such good condition for how old it was that he contacted Coleman Knitting Mills and made a line of letterman jackets for his company.  See Story.

USA made! Our products are manufactured in house by skilled workers who take pride in what they do. Truly we make our products to last. 

Coleman Knitting Mills history goes back over 70 years. William C. Coleman started Coleman Knitting in 1949 after working in the textile factories that made bomber jackets for the troops in the war. William’s son John Coleman took over for his dad.

John Coleman tragically died in a car accident shortly after taking over the mill. Following John’s death his son Dick Coleman took over running the day to day operations of Coleman Knitting Mills and has done so for the longest duration of the Coleman family. Eventually Kathy Coleman, Dicks wife, helped him run the business and take it to where it is today.

In 2018 Dick and Kathy Coleman retired. Since then, the Coleman legacy has been carried on by their close family friends, Abe and Lisa Dalebout.

The entire Coleman family & team is grateful for all the advisors, coaches, administration and parents who have supported Coleman Knitting Mills over the years.